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Player Policy
HOBM Rugby Football Club Player Policy


  1. The purpose of the HOBMRFC Player Selection Policy (PSP) is to provide a set of principles for all HOBMRFC teams’ coaches and managers to guide the weekly selection process.


  1. The success of all teams will require all team’s coaches and managers working together in partnership for the greater good of the Club.
  2. The Premier team and each ascending team’s coach’s desires in respect to player selection take precedent over that of the team(s) below.
  3. Age Grade eligible players will play for Age Grade teams unless selected in the Premier squad or unless specifically exempted by the Rugby Committee (RC). Exemption by the RC will consider a player’s preference and the greater good of the Club.
  4. Players must be financial to be eligible for selection.
  5. Every player should receive a reasonable amount of game time.


  1. Draft team lists for the Premier, Premier Reserve and Colts teams are required to be sent to the Club Captain by each lunchtime Monday for the next Saturday’s game. These will form a starting point for team selections and expose any gaps that need to be filled.
  2. The management of movement of players between teams (promotion or demotion) and the communication to the player(s) impacted is primarily the responsibility of coaches with support of their team manager(s). Communication with these players is crucial. It needs to be both professional and timely (preferably before the first scheduled team training of the week). Where appropriate, discussions with a player relating to selection (promotion or demotion) should involve a third person present.
  3. Coaches and managers need to monitor the playing time of all players to ensure every player is receiving a reasonable amount of game time. Under normal circumstances a player will not be selected on the bench, or be excluded from a match day squad, if they are fit to play, for more than two consecutive weeks.


  1. Any disputes or issues will be dealt with initially by the Club Captain. If and when required the Club Captain, the RC Chairman and one other member of the RC shall meet with impacted parties to find a resolution.
  1. Every player has the opportunity to play at the highest level that their ability allows. 
  2. Every player will be given appropriate game time in their preferred position to prove their potential.
  3. Every player should be given open, honest and timely communication regarding team selection.
  4. Commitments made by coaches to players in respect to game time or playing in certain positions will be honoured at all times unless there are extenuating circumstances
  1. All players are registered and pay their subscriptions in full. 
  2. Attend all trainings and meetings as required by team management. If they are unable to do so, the communicate this with adequate notice.
  3. Attend player of the day presentations each Saturday in the clubrooms and support club events.
  4. All Players have the right to take any concerns firstly to their coach and/or manager. If the player is not happy with the outcome, then talk to the Club Captain and Rugby Committee.